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Set includes

1) Anti serum $45

2)Spray $40

3)Diamond serum $60

4)Hydrating lotion $45

5)Hydrating water $60

6)Gel sunscreen $40

7)Forming cleanser $38

8) Eye cream $45

Total $375.00

Night and day routine for all skin.


Blemishes, dewy skin, growing, whitening, hydrating, anti wrinkles, boosting collagen, lifting, firmly, etc .....

Thinnest to thickness

How to use step by step;

1- foaming cleanser/cleanser uses to wash face everyday and night.

2- diamond whitening serum

3- hydrating essence water

4- hydrating essence lotion

5- EyeLift cream

6- anti aging moisturizer serum

7- mineral physical sunscreen

8- boosting collagen spray

ZH skin care set

  • Apply the skin care daily night and day

    Night; and day

    Am/pm ●Step 1, wash your face with the forming cleanser gently rinse off with water

    Am/pm●Step 2, apply the diamond whitening serum

    Am/pm●Step 3, apply the Anti serum

    Am/pm●Step 4, apply the hydrating water

    Am/pm●Step 5, apply the hydrating lotion

    Am●Step 6, apply the 50 spf sunscreen

    Am/pm●Step 7, spray the whole face with the collagen mist

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