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Take 1 capsule daily.



- Children and pregnant women should not be taken.

- For the user who consumes other health products containing fat component should take this product before or after meal at least 2 hours.

- Person who is allergic to seafood and whose weight is lower the standard. 

Advised to eat good proportion of natural food on regulate basis.


Dose not prevent or treat disease. Silica gel.


Ingredients in 1 capsule:

Cactus Extract   150mg

Chitosan               150mg

Green Tea Extract     100mg

L-Camitine L-Tatrate      100mg

Safflower Dried Powder      65mg

Citus Aurantium Extract      50mg

Black Galingale Extract       50mg

Black Pepper Extract           50mg

Chromium Picolinate           0.5mg


Contains 10 Capsules      Net Weight 8.3g


Exp. Date:  15/01/24

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