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Detox tea.Take 1 or 2 time a day.● take before food in the morningOr after meal nor with meal is ok.● take evening● one sachetyou can use it twiceif you want.● no flavor/ no smell● you can add honey or lemon if you want■ speeds metabolism ■ revitalized■ burn fat■no more bloated stomach■ easy to use restroom■ eat less■ lost weight


Direction For Use:

- Use one tea bag per cup daily

- Stay hydrated with plenty water


How to Prepare:

- Place 1 tea bag in a cup of boiling water for 10-20 minutes

- Remove tea bag


Tastle Tips:

- Add honey or little sugar

- Suitable for morning or evening 



Not suitable for children or pregnant woman.


Exp. Date: 05/12/2025

28 day detox tea

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